Christopher D. Garcia

Freelance Game Developer, Programmer, and Juggler
I'm a passionate game developer and programmer with experience in VR, Mobile, Game Design, Programming/Development, Project Management, and Business. I've worked on my own games starting as an independent developer in 2003 and in the industry working on mobile, VR, and desktop games since 2011.

I enjoy using my skills with technology to create immersive experiences and games, and also often find myself blending together juggling performance with tech as well!

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I have various skillsets useful for software development and game creation!

Programming Expertise

Design and Creativity

Project Management

Current Indie Projects

I'm currently working on prototyping my own indie games and projects. Some currently focused on prototypes are MechaFrog, and The Diabolo Trainer App.

Mechafrog is a twin-stick platforming shooter with rogue-like elements and procedural level generation focused around a mechanical frog. For more information visit

The Diabolo Trainer App is a mobile application to help people learn the art of diabolo juggling. For more information visit

Past Project

Here is a brief list of some past project I've worked on during their design & development phases up to launch.

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials is a snarky action-adventure puzzle game with a good dose of humor. Explore hundreds of secret-filled rooms, fight big bosses, gather companions for your party and use the powers of Pip -your bat buddy- to solve puzzles and escape the eldritch abyss!

Candy Squad VR

A VR arcade and castle defense game made for various headsets includling mobile VR. Defend your candy castle against an onslaught of delicious jellies.


A sandbox co-creation game in which users build, explore, and share their own virtual worlds in a very organic voxel-based editing style.


A procedural rogue-like dungeon crawler for Android and iOS. Play fun "micro" adventures with the procedurally generated stories.

Kid Natural: Cowabunga Cleanup

Help Autistic superhero Kid Natural clean up the ocean in his biggest surfing adventure yet! Race your penguin friend waddles and clean up trash and oil spills in this fun mobile arcade game made for iOS and Android.

To view a list of more past projects please visit my Projects Page.
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